The Murmurs of Moonshadow

Be welcome to this small corner of the free web.

Here you will find the tales of a world named "Moonshadow", a world gifted me by nightmare one fateful night. I have written of it ever since, hoping to once again capture the hopeless terror of that place, and the futility her tri-mooned sky inflicts.

Each tale was written in the light of at least one moon, though such moons are not always visible to the naked eye. This world, and all in it, are but a dream; no dream can belong to any one person, and so these writing are also yours to use, under creative commons attribution. A world hoarded and locked behind closed doors never grows, and eventually fades into the night.

Once you have left this place, you cannot return, and you may only wander lost among the shadowy tales of the accursed Moonshadow. Should you enjoy the tales, or have one of your own, write it down and begin your own chain of murmurs of this benighted place.

38 Murmurs have been completed, the final 2 have yet to be written, and are hidden in the mists of dream and despair.